Saturday, October 20, 2012

A revelation on organized religion

Let me start with "Yes, I do believe in higher powers".  I am spiritual.  No longer religious.  Today I cast off any remaining "Christian" identification I may have espoused.  Why you ask?

Two reasons.  The first is merely the revelation that religious text are a fraud manufactured by imperfect humans like myself.  Being fallible they wrote numerous errors into these text and never went back and corrected them.  Let's start with Mosaic law.  In every version of the Old Testament or Torah I have heard or read, the commandment reads "Thou shall not kill".  However if one delves further into the Pentateuch there are laws that require people to stone adultresses, murder their insubordinate teens, and roast anyone who does not profess in the Hebrew god.  Again, the commandment does not say "Thou shall not kill unless..."  But we can go all the way back to Genesis where the writer begins speaks of the creators, plural.  However, it is an individual, jealous, bratty, selfish god that takes one male human into a special part of the one of the newly created planets and creates his mate from his rib then teases them with knowledge only to punish them for not wanting to be ignorant their whole lives.  Add to this the fact that the first thing they notice with the "knowledge of the Universe" is that they are naked.  Really?  I'd be more interested in now knowing all the species of trees, animals, origins of the stars AND THE FACT THAT THERE ARE ALREADY OTHER PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET. What!?  How can I say that?  Have you never finished reading the Cain and Abel story?  Cain gets sent to Nod as his punishment and apparently there are other people there.  So we must assume then that other divine beings created other human/human-like creatures.  Some of these groups were matriarchal, polytheistic and thriving.

The second revelation was brought home to me today.  Organized religion is about ORGANIZATION.  A defined set of rules to govern its followers.  However, mainly in the case of monotheistic, Judaism based doctrine, are based in the theology that man must never look for the spiritual power within himself.  He must use "god" as a crutch.  That god will never approve of his life choices, his accomplishments or his sacrifices.  He will always fall short.  Thus a great part of the human population, for hundreds of thousands of years, has indeed fallen short by blindly forfeiting their spiritual wealth and power to shills who sought only to control their fellow man.

A truly spiritual person, who recognizes the divine and sacred spirits of the air, fire, earth and water, treats these elements with respect.  They worship the beauty and gifts that have been presented them each day.  They give credence to the existence of supernatural beings that keep themselves hidden from mankind for self-preservation.  They reach into their core and bonding with the elements, use the strength they have been blessed with to protect, defend, and nurture creation.  They do not accept it as "sin" to believe that they can work together with the gods and spirits.  However, they usually subscribe to "First do no harm" in all rituals and actions.

So open your mind, heart and soul to the "voices" around you.  The Fates reside here with you and wish you to be free.  They pray their own prayers that man will stop allowing himself to be bamboozled by those who follow spirits of greed, arrogance, selfishness and manipulation.  The spirits of Light long for us to break free and work together in charity, justice, humility and peace.  This will result in real love.  Agape. Love without lines, walls, moats or rules.  A love where we are all the same.  A love that requires a hell of a lot of work but one that is possible.

To my friends who subscribe to doctrines that continue to drain you of your personal spiritual life and power, I hope you will awaken some day.  I pray you will release the energy within yourself and let it spread over the walls, through the moats and across the lines that were drawn by our predecessors.  May you join the dragon army in the coming conflict and fight for peace, justice, and kindness with a humble heart.  We all fear that which is new but we must draw on our spiritual courage to overcome the fear and not only ride the wave of change but be the change.