Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My spin on "Words for Teenagers"

Today a friend posted this on their Facebook.  Although I agreed with some, I definitely did not agree with all.

But I would add...Do not become another order/rule/flock following sheeple.  Take the dreams of your youth...the ones you had when you turned off the TV/computer/video games and went outside.  The ones you talked to your friends about (why I'm not dissing phones at the moment) and go make those dreams come true..  Be your whole self.  Yes, that's a lot of work and it takes real guts.  If you don't think you can, then turn the TV/computer back on and watch some of the Teen Ted talks.  Learn about the kids from the We Are Family Foundation who do great things for their peers and for the youngin's.  You were born with wings but society starts clipping them the minute you step into school.  RESIST.   Yes, sit quietly in class. Learn your lessons.  Learn how to read, write and work with numbers.  Understand science and Civics.  Pay attention in history class and vow never to repeat it and whenever you step out of the classroom surround yourself with other teens who have ambition and dreams.  When you graduate, yes, get a job so you can feed yourself, keep a roof over your head and play by the rules at that job.  But what you do away from that job is what will continue your whole person/good person process.  Put a little of each paycheck in fund your dream.  Seek out people who can help you achieve your dream whether investors, builders, audiences.  Probably the best story any adult can read to a child is "The Little Engine That Could".  Always remember "I knew I could. I knew I could."