Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My spin on "Words for Teenagers"

Today a friend posted this on their Facebook.  Although I agreed with some, I definitely did not agree with all.

But I would add...Do not become another order/rule/flock following sheeple.  Take the dreams of your youth...the ones you had when you turned off the TV/computer/video games and went outside.  The ones you talked to your friends about (why I'm not dissing phones at the moment) and go make those dreams come true..  Be your whole self.  Yes, that's a lot of work and it takes real guts.  If you don't think you can, then turn the TV/computer back on and watch some of the Teen Ted talks.  Learn about the kids from the We Are Family Foundation who do great things for their peers and for the youngin's.  You were born with wings but society starts clipping them the minute you step into school.  RESIST.   Yes, sit quietly in class. Learn your lessons.  Learn how to read, write and work with numbers.  Understand science and Civics.  Pay attention in history class and vow never to repeat it and whenever you step out of the classroom surround yourself with other teens who have ambition and dreams.  When you graduate, yes, get a job so you can feed yourself, keep a roof over your head and play by the rules at that job.  But what you do away from that job is what will continue your whole person/good person process.  Put a little of each paycheck in fund your dream.  Seek out people who can help you achieve your dream whether investors, builders, audiences.  Probably the best story any adult can read to a child is "The Little Engine That Could".  Always remember "I knew I could. I knew I could."

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Who makes the "rules"?

That is a question that is getting closer to being answered every day, at least in the U.S.  Historically it's usually answered after the power/control person/group has been deposed, replaced with a new regime.  In many cases it is long after families like the Medici have long taken up residence in cemeteries.  Today though, people like the Koch brothers have gotten over-confident to the point of arrogant and don't even care if media not on their payroll call them out.

Oh the media.  It's probably as safe bet that as soon as the controllers figured out a way to spread "news" to the societies they were manipulating they have used those tools to make "the rules".  The rules about who is acceptable, how one is supposed to live, chains of command, education/indoctrination.  I had a great conversation the other night that started out as an interview for an article about the person I was speaking to.  But it turned into something else.  Something that caused me to turn off my voice recorder, take the phone off speaker and really talk to this person.  The most important words that person said to me, that I will live by to my grave..."Always resist".  The discussion went deeper from there about conforming.  The moment we conform, "they" win.  Humanity, from very early on has been a game of puppets and puppetmasters.

So in 2014 I challenge you to resist.  If you see someone with purple hair, force yourself beyond the instant thought that they are "non-conformists", "different" and therefore to be feared.  Who told you purple hair was not "normal"?  Who told those of us back in the 60's that men with long hair were derelicts?  What made those men any different from the ones going back to the 18th century or earlier?  What makes a drag queen different for wearing a wig than Louis the IVX?  What makes them different from men playing women's roles back to the theaters of ancient Greece?  And speaking of the role of women and such a scholarly culture as ancient Greece, why did they prevent their ladies from from tramping the boards?  Who decided that women were supposed to be demure, sit at home and tat lace or embroider?  Why do women still have such a difficult time succeeding in the music industry?

Resist!  Question! Who made these "rules" and why?  Why do you believe you have to have a 9-5 job to be successful?  Why do you believe you need to be "married with children"?  Why do people who claim to follow the teachings of a prophet who preached "Blessed are the peacemakers" no work harder to bring peace.  Why do they accept the lie that global peace is not possible?

The people who make "the rules" fight global community tooth and nail.  In societies that all members are equal, where there no schisms based on skin color, gender, sexuality, social or economic status there is no strife.  There are no manipulating factors.  No way to control.  No way to be in charge.  There is true compassion and charity.  People naturally help each other.  No one is more deserving.  Only true rules of morality are in play and they are simple...treat people the way you want to be treated, don't hurt each other, love one another unconditionally.  It's not easy.  There eons of bullshit that need to be revealed and then destroyed.

Purple hair does not equal "less than".  Purple hair is more than.  More courage to resist.  More courage to start something new.  For thousands of years, humanity has been the living definition of insanity.  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.  It is only by large miracle and a lot of small mistakes that we have progressed from the cave.  Today the controllers see the power running through their hands like sand.  They've been caught and there is no putting the genie back in the bottle but they will try right up to their last breath.  They will take as many with them as they can.  These words are for the "us" that breath now and the us that will come after us.  Keep up the momentum.  Don't give up.  It will be hard but you will bring the New Era.  Resist.  Search for the truth and shine bright lights on it.  Show the way to anyone who will follow willingly.  Not like a puppy hoping for a treat but as enlightened people who see the absolute truth and are walking away from the centuries-old lie.  People who the roots of their hair really are purple not the result of going to a corporate retailer and buying something they've been told will make them cool.