Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hypocracy and The (Magic) Kingdom

Here we go again.  Fear winning over rational thought.  For those who read my music blog, you know my issues with Adam Lambert’s AMA performance and it had nothing to do with boy-kissing or faux oral sex.  The actual production was so bloated with choreography that cast Lambert as a dancer and singer, it caused his vocals to suffer horribly and resulted a mid-number fall. 

I even understood ABC deciding to give Adam a time-out by “dis-inviting” him to Good Morning American.  It was very noble of CBS to pick him up for Early Morning but then they too had their own censorship faux pas.  But considering that the former Idol contestant was allowed to speak his mind clearly, succinctly and intelligently regarding the proper parenting of children, I’ll give them a “pass”.  What I don’t understand is ABC continuing their “punishment” of the glam rocker. 

It was announced yesterday that Adam’s appearance on Jimmie Kimmel had been cancelled.  There is still no hard evidence if the network told Lambert’s camp that it was due to pressure from the FCC or if he decided to be to be the bigger person and attempt to take some of the heat off of the American Broadcasting Company and their parent, Disney by pointing some blame on the Federal Communications Commission.  However, based on actual fact from the FCC’s own published guidelines, they have no jurisdiction over the airwaves after 10 p.m. local time.  This means that those who were viewing in the Central Time Zone may have a legal leg to stand on but it also means that ABC can only be fined for that one performance. 

ABC/Disney’s current action sends the message that they believe that Adam Lambert/RCA/19Entertainment/Sony Music Group are foolish enough to stage another such over-the-top performance.  But even if he did, Kimmel is aired well after the 10 p.m. cut off for the FCC so there would be no fines involved.  The bottom line is that ABC is playing to the pearl clutching right-wingers. 

It also has sent a message that straight male domination in this country is still a huge issue.  Would someone please explain to me why men are so afraid of women?  We can’t be trusted to take control of our own bodies, minds or politics.  Unless…….it means playing to some man’s sexual fantasies.  It’s fine to show girl-on-girl kissing or implied heterosexual acts everywhere on television…sitcoms, dramas, soap operas, variety shows, etc. all that play before the witching-hour of 10 p.m.  These same men also feel threatened by a gay man who is not a walking stereotype.  Gentlemen, how does he pose a threat to your sexuality or to your women-folk?  Honestly if that was the case wouldn’t you be more upset about his DETAILS photoshoot? 

Here’s the deal America…stop beating your chests and saying how “right” fundamentalist Christianity is and how screwed up the country is morally when the movies with the highest tickets sales are either just brainless stupid comedies or bloody horror flicks.  You have no problem with violence on television or in song lyrics.  It’s ok for your minor girl Mylie to dance on a stripper pole dressed like slut.  You’re not calling your congress person or banging down the FCC’s door over shows like Criminal Minds, CSI or Survivor (how to be totally ruthless to your neighbor for money).  It’s really nice that you're “Pro Life” but has your church built an orphanage?  Are you taking these moms and their children into your home?  What happened to that scripture about taking the log out of your own eye before removing the speck from your brothers?  Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

If you want to honor the Divine…use the faculties you were blessed with.  Listen.  Watch. Feel. Process. Touch.  Respect.  Love.  Fear is not something created by The Fates.  It is a human reaction to things unknown.  Once you get to know it…if it is trying to do your physical harm, then, indeed fight back.  If it’s trying to take your stuff, defend it.  But if it just looks different, likes different food, makes more/less money than you, etc…that’s not a legitimate reason to turn on it. 

Peace kids,

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  1. All the big-wigs enjoyed watching 15 year old Miley use what her momma gave her. They are sick bastards.

    But its too true. Fear of something that does not agree with one's nature is what causes these disappointments. Example: I walk into a JC Penny wearing goth clothes and security immediately would be flagged to watch me. Meanwhile, pretty preppy princess could follow me in, shoplift, walk out with me, cause the alarm to go off, and I'd be the one searched and whatnot.

    Fear is a dangerous thing. The most dangerous thing I have ever encountered. Put that with power and control and you have wonderful, beautiful censorship.

    Even better, put fear with big guns, and then you have war.

    I would like to giggle at people like that, but they'd probably just shoot me.