Thursday, July 1, 2010

Matthew Leone

Nathan's blog about his twin

Last night I signed on to Twitter to see a post from a fan-friend follower about putting Matthew Leone, bassist for Madina Lake in her prayers.  As I'd been away from my computer all day, I was scrolling from oldest to newest so I hadn't come across Nathan's tweet with the link (above) to his blog.

Matthew Leone, identical twin brother of the band's lead vocalist and frontman Nathan, did what we are all called to do, step in and help his neighbor.  He was walking home from his brother's and walked into the middle of a fight between a man and his female significant other.  The fight was physical so Leone jumped in to rescue the woman from the man.  What he got in return was a beating severe enough to leave him unconscious on the sidewalk and then moved to the ICU of a Chicago hospital.  Both members of the couple left him for dead on that sidewalk.

Matthew is currently fighting for his life.  As a friend of a friend of the band, I know how hard they are all taking this.  As someone who is aware of the bond between twins, I can only imagine what Nathan is going through.  I met his brother once, about three years ago at The Webster in Hartford.  When I thought back on it last night, I remember Matthew having a very bright intense aura that ranged from yellow to white.  He had a bright smile and made my son and I laugh.  Later that evening when Madina Lake played the closing set, Matthew was just a ball of energy.  Together with his brother they kept the crowd wrapped around their fingers and the room was on fire.  It was a great show.  Watching the twins interact I could see that each was the yin to the other's yang

Mateo and Danny are the "other brothers" that just make Madina Lake such a special band.  Having met Dan and knowing a lot about him, he is a peaceful spirit that is needed right now.  Mateo feels like someone strong and passionate.  Again, a good person for Nathan to have around.

The bottom line is this...Matthew put a face on it Tuesday night.  He felt the compassion when he saw what was happening and chose to try to do something about it.  Now you put a face on Matthew.  He smiles.  He laughs.  He makes great music.  He could be your brother, your son or your next door neighbor.  Now put him in your prayers.  Also pray for this couple that walked away from this beautiful boy, left him wrecked on the street, that they will put a face on him too and come forward and admit to this horrible act of violence.  Shine bright Matt.  We're all out here rooting for you.  Keep pouring your love into your brother, Nathan.  He needs you now more than ever.

Peace, joy & Love from

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