Monday, August 30, 2010

We're all ok - God don't make junk

It hit me today...we are all born beautiful creatures filled with a rainbow with another one wrapped around each new baby.  That being said, anything done to tarnish those rainbows and crush the beautiful souls is the sin.

Yes, there are basic rules of civilization that must be taught; don't hurt or kill others, don't steal, don't mess with things that aren't yours, don't lie, don't cheat, be kind to each other.  In its simplest form?  Treat people the way you want to be treated. 

When you put it in that context then it's easy to see how teaching the beautiful rainbow babies that people whose rainbows are different colors or twist instead of arc, sparkle instead of shine, spread over a different land than another is what we're supposed to be doing.

I've just read so much hate-mongering in the past week...and a lot of it people mongering are trying to claim that The Higher Power...which they also claim created all of us beautiful folk...says that some are less beautiful that others.  In fact they say that some are downright ugly and should be physically and/or verbally abused because they are different.  Wow!  Talk about stuffing God into a tiny little box.  Do they realize that they are calling the Great Spirit (1) fallible as a creator, (2) petty, (3) jealous, (4) vindictive and (5) a bigot. 

One person in particular that really made me sad and angry was the niece of Dr. King who spewed some crazy stuff about homosexuality being the eventual extinction of the human race.  Really?  Even if they've been in the closet, gays have been around since the beginning of human history and the species is now over 6 BILLION strong on Mother Earth.  I really don't see us going extinct any time soon.  In fact if we do, it will have nothing to do with non-"christians", people of color, women or LGBT's.  It will have to do with us disrespecting this planet and making it uninhabitable.  I also found it a huge insult to her uncle to say that he would be for preventing anyone from having civil rights to any race, creed or sexual orientation.  This woman needs to be time-traveled back to the days when African Americans were really treated poorly and then participate in the marches and all the other things the black community did to have their right to exist as a free person in the U.S. recognized and legislated.  She should have to go back to the days of suffrage to spend a few days as a woman with no right to vote, shamed and humiliated if she even considered working outside the home, be the property of a man.  No, Martin wanted freedom for all Americans. 

Listen, I'm not saying that after birth that something causes a switch to be flipped in a person that turns them anti-social.  It doesn't mean they're not supposed to be loved, it's just tough love.  Some people need to be removed from society so they are not a danger to themselves or others.  But when I say danger...I don't mean that because they follow a different religious doctrine or their skin is a different color or they are more attracted to their own gender or don't take to stereotypes.  When I say danger I'm talking socio or psychopaths.  People who are intent on hurting or killing someone else or themselves...serial killers, pyromaniacs, clinically depressed, pedophiles, or schizophrenics/multiple personality disorders.  An avergage Muslim, African American, woman, or LGBT person is neither a danger to themselves or to anyone else.  So to raise a child to believe that any of these people's rainbows are less beautiful than their own, pretty much spits in The Great Spirit's eye. 

Drugs are not the sin, concentual sex is not the sin, gender is not the sin, race is not the sin until they hurt someone else.  Teach the rainbow children to love one another.  Teach them to appreciate individuality.  Teach them to respect themselves and others.  And also allow their rainbows to grow and mature and be wholly theirs.  Encourage their talents, their spirit, their passions.   Teach boys that it is healthy and right for them to be emotional.  It actually makes them stronger not weaker.  Teach girls it's alright for them to be more math oriented.  Help end fear and stereotyping.  Cultivate peace, joy and love.  Embrace, encourage, be the rainbow.

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