Sunday, March 31, 2013

He's baaack

Resurrection day.  You can't keep a good guy or the message that "we're doing it wrong" down.  The idea didn't die.  It took a few days off.  Let the bullies think they were still winning.  Let everyone let out a sigh of relief only to have it all come spring apart when the grave was open and empty.

There's so much flying around here today.  The sightings of people dressed to the nines.  Girls in their fanciest new outfits with new shoes and hats that will be like wedding attire...worn once and then sentenced to the Goodwill or the dress-up box.  Next week they'll be back in Sunday school in normal "school clothes".  It's pretty much the same with the boys except that their trousers and shoes are from their regular wardrobe.  The dress shirts, vest, jackets and ties will be hung in the back for the closet to wear to Cousin Sally's wedding, Spring concert at school or grandma's funeral.  Yes, I participated in this clothing ritual even as an adult but why?  What does it have to do with the "Jesus narrative".  Whether a great storybook prophet/villain/hero or a real person...even the people who came after the Ascension were the working poor.  They also didn't go to "church" and not just once a week.  They lived in fellowship 24/7.  They got together for impromptu meals, scripture readings and prayers.  So the dress up thing came a long time later and bears the markings of a "Spring celebration".  Nothing to do with Jesus but a pagan or even secular celebration of the change of seasons.

Of course most people, especially Christians, know that the other stars of the day have nothing to do with resurrection and are totally taken from pagan tradition.  The whole bunny, chicks, ducklings and chocolate thing?  Please fundies stop losing your shit over others calling this part of the holiday for what it is-a retail marketing blitz.

Other things have passed through my spirit this weekend but to put them here pulls me down.  All I'll say after seeing a Facebook called "Jesus please save America"... is maybe "he" is trying but you're not liking the answer or are so controlled you won't tap into it.  Read the Jesus narrative.  Humility, justice, truth, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, community.  He's not going to ride in on a big horse, with guns ablaze handing out weapons to you all and blowing up all the people you don't like.  He's calling out the lies, the avarice and greed that is in control of humanity.  He is revealing the poverty not only of your neighbors in regards to food, water, clothing and shelter.  He's revealing the poverty of your soul-your laziness, selfishness, intolerance.  You starve you mind of real knowledge.  You starve your heart with lack of empathy.  You look for a Jesus who comes riding on a giant steam roller that will destroy your "enemies".  The problem is, your enemies are his friends-the peacemakers, the meek, the opposed, the poor, the compassionate, the truthful and those seeking justice.  Do you just keep crucifying him hoping someone different is going to walk out of that tomb?

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