Friday, April 19, 2013

We need a minute to breathe

Let me start by saying, I'm not discounting anyone's grief.  Losing loved ones is awful.  It leaves a hole in our lives.  But this is the result of of a cultural that has raised us to be sad because the person is gone instead of celebrating the life they led.  It is programmed to cause us to take a long time to come around to remembering those people in a joyful light.

Leading up to 9/11, the media came the puppet of government and large corporations.  So when that event happened, mainstream media kept the fear at peak highs for months.  They added the bio-terrorism card that hadn't even been part of the attacks.  They pushed it so hard that they pushed someone in the country over the edge who had access to agents of bio-terrorism and used them.  That person killed someone who lived 2 miles from me.  That letter came through the post office my mail is processed through.  Since the opening attack, the rouge whackjob, and the war America has been kept in a state of heightened stress and fear.  That stress and fear is causing people to have emotional, mental and psychological breakdowns.  It is affecting our physical health.

We can't even get real recreation to breathe.  Movies, music, theater, books is all reprocessed crap.  We need to open the valve and release the pressure to survive.

America needs to spit in the eye of those who work to control us.  We need to just declare a day of celebration.  An entire day to dance in the streets.  To be utterly silly.  To put on our brightest colors.  Bring our kazoos, pots and pans and washtub basses.  Rejoice for the lives of those who can only attend our party in spirit.  To bring joy to wounded, injured, the sick and otherwise challenged.

My "people" used to dance on the bar around the casket at an Irish wake.  The beer and whiskey flowed and everyone raised a glass to the deceased. I remember slogging my way through "Angela's Ashes" and tried to understand how Frank McCourt could have maintained his wonderful sense of humor through all that.  Maybe because he came from a culture that celebrates life? Maybe because he came from a culture that knew how to let off steam through a party?

Listen, all I know is this-The U.S. has not been allowed to celebrate.  We are so keyed-up that even local celebrations for sports championships turn into riots.  The government keeps telling us "it's too soon", "we need to mourn", "never forget" which is always put with photos of horror.  We need to fight back by saying "No", "Now is our time to exhale", "Now is the time to dance", "Now is the time to laugh".  We need to take a day.  24 hours.  Nationwide.  And piss on their shoes and have a big, fucking party.  We need to breathe before we suffocate.

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