Thursday, June 20, 2013

Return to Neverland

Today I delivered my youngest child to a place we will always refer to as "Neverland".  This little oasis, tucked far in the woods is a one that the current loud-mouthed minority that claim to follow a certain prophet would call a community of subversive blasphemers.  I call them the truly spiritual.

"Camp" has always been a sanctuary and a place of spiritual growth.  The heart of its being is the "Jesus myth" but this place embraces the true heart of that myth.  Today, I used the "gender neutral" restroom.  Many of the buildings are now handicapped accessible.  When the campers come next week and for the following seven weeks they will be there to write, act, play music, climb ropes, hike, play volleyball and swim while learning about all their differences and how each individual is unique and special and has a role in the community.  Jocks, geeks, and arts kids all live together, in the smaller community of their conference and in the large community of camp.  Everyone is expected to clean up their mess and respect each others comfort zones.  There are competitions and there are "rewards" for winning but there are bigger rewards for challenging yourself.

As I have been doing at least 15 years, whenever I pull onto the main road from the camp's driveway, I beep the horn and yell "Good Night Neverland" as I leave.  I pray that the angels and spirits of peace, joy, kindness and love continue to watch over this place and all the people who spend any time there.  May they all heal and grow strong so they can come back in the world and help turn it around.  Places like this are where the possibility of the New Era is sewn and cultivated.

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