Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Choose your battles wisely

Wisdom is something that has been deeply discounted over the past few decades.  Humans have been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.  During the last revolution in the 60's and 70's that included the Vietnam War protests, the racial civil rights movement and the women's movement, for the most part these groups used some smarts in picking their battles and how to fight them.  Dr. King's marches were very effective.  Woodstock made an excellent statement for the peace movement.  Even things like the Kent State sit-in that resulted in the deaths of four unarmed students made bold statements about groups within the society that were over being at the mercy of a small minority of "powerful" people.  Yes, those years were violent times on our own soil.  They were kind of mini-civil wars that occured in Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.  There were groups and people who were extremists but I get where they were coming from and they did do some good for promoting the common good of "their people".

Today people are not being wise and the zealots are more crazy then emphatic about their causes.  "Christians" are trying to force people to follow their rules which is unconstitutional.  There is a resurgence of white supremacy and attempts to completely undo the progress women had made in the 70's.  This is not wise.  Men need to realize that they can do a better job of living and working with women by their side rather than under their feet.  As far as the race issues?  This country, albeit stolen from its indigenous people, became a melting pot.  That didn't just mean of various euro-Caucasians. It meant we became a patchwork quilt.  Whites need to accept that they brought black people here against their will. In our conquering, we overran Puerto Rico and opened the doors to mainland U.S. to them.  Asians and South Americans, all are part of the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning for freedom.  Get over yourself.  This wasn't your country, nor was your religion part of the culture here to begin with.

But that's not my point here.  Today I read about a group of atheists in UT who are pushing buttons with local businesses trying to get their t-shirts printed.  People it's call respect and it is a key ingredient of freedom.  The shop that refused to print your shirts has the same freedom and rights that you do.  They have the right of freedom OF and FROM religion.  They choose OF!  Get over it and go find another shop that will take you job.  Don't waste everyone's time and money and make EVERY atheist in the country look bad because you're a douche bag.  The same goes for my LGBT friends.  I love you but bullying businesses to cater your wedding, book you the honeymoon suite or sell you a dress only makes the whole community look just as bad as they bullies we are trying to call out, trying to protect ourselves from.  Go find another business that will work with you.  Granny Christians Bed and Breakfast is not the only quaint little, romantic seaside inn on the South Carolina coast.

Listen, this country has gotten itself caught in the chokehold of mega corporations.  However, thanks to some new SEC rules, potential entrepreneurs can crowdfund their business ideas.  If you're a woman there are tons of resources out there for you.  "Minorities"?  Same thing.  Find the money and start your own damned business.  Go buy that big old Victorian down the street from Granny Christian's and make it the Big Bold Rainbow Inn - "the perfect honeymoon hideway for all your fabulous queers".   Atheists?  Come on there has to be people around you who excel at layout and design and others that either know how or can be taught how to run a silk screen machine.  This is the point...Don't waste time and energy beating up the people that are against you.  Go out there, do it better and you win.  What looks better in a headline?  "Gays take Granny of life savings in honeymoon suit" or "Larry and Al open swank b&b in Myrtle Beach"?  See what I mean.  Listen if you can't find someone to do it for you then do it yourself.  It helps you and it helps all the communities you are a part of.

Choose your battles wisely.  Are you helping or hurting the cause?  If its more hurting than help then sit down and really think out your strategy.  Don't be a bully and don't make people suspect me of being one too because I associate with you.  K?  Thanks.  

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