Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jesus under the couch and the Holy Spirit in the hall closet

So you found Jesus?  Really?  Like under the couch?

Seriously people, it's all about the spiritual not about a guy.  It's not who he was.  It was what he said and how he lived and you're doing it wrong in my book.

To me the Divine is something huge and genderless but genderful.  It may be many beings that fit together like a puzzle to make that one Great Spirit or it is just one gianormous Sacred thing.  It is sacred and holy because it created all this.  Alllll this.  Go outside now that the sun has set and look up.  If you're lucky enough to be somewhere with minimal light pollution you can see a bit of the Milky Way.  Think about earlier members of the human family before electricity.  The vastness of the night sky.  Now maybe you can grasp their awe of the Fates.  No science to explain lightening or earthquakes so there was respect for that which surrounded them and inhabited the earth beneath them.  Is it any wonder they paid homage and made sacrifice to try to assure one more day of life?  Yes, they had a healthy respect for all of creation and the thing that created it. 

It's not about a book.  Especially a book that describe this tiny, jealous and immature "diety" that, in one breath states that it loves its creation but in the other tells the beings it "created in its image" to create labels and classes and castes and not have anything to do with this group or that.  A holy being that tempts his creatures with the fruit of a tree and when they do break the rule the first thing they notice is that they're naked?

Ok, I was going to do some more research on Genesis but the crazy contradictions after the original creation of the heavens and earth are ridiculuos.  I got angry with the "man leaving mother, woman leaving home" or whatever.  If they were the first two people that meant absolutely nothing to them.  Oh and need we forget about Caine being sent to the Land of Nod.  And just where the hell did those people and that country come from because it sure does sound like they'd be around a while before Caine offed his brother. 

See?  The book is kind of irrelevant and there are equal conflicts of information and dumb rules in the Koran too.  Bottom line is that all three religions that do the "one god" thing have come up with this really tiny, petty, disrespectful and cliquey diety.  Then the Christians throw in this one guy who supposedly is carrying the entire outcome of the world on his shoulders and all you have to do is believe he's the son of God to get Divine parole into heaven no matter how big a shit you are and how little you're doing to support your piece of the planet/mankind.  Mind you they're not saying to look at the dude's life and see  that maybe this is a road map for better living?  That maybe you're better off if you live like him?

Here's the point.  I've made a lot of mistakes and done a lot of stupid things to get people to like me but I was fortunate to be blessed with a living angel when I was 17.  That angel taught me about the spiritual and the supernatural.  He showed me some very interesting things about that Jesus guy.  But then my angel and I parted ways.  I continued on a road of being a people pleaser and self-loser for over thirty-five years.  The selflessness wasn't out of any concern for anyone else.  I just wanted people to like me so I became a hundred different people that weren't me.  But somewhere way down inside me there was a flame.  And it always reminded me that there was something else.  Something I needed to stay connected to.  I attended a lot of different churches when I was not in the company of spiritual people trying to find the thing that fed that flame.  I didn't find it in any of them.  In fact in some of those supposed houses of God I found nothing but hate, elitism and bigotry.  For all their profession of charismaticism, they were the farthest thing from spiritual.  They did a lot of damage to me. 

I found my way back to the path though and here's what I see.  The Jesus-guy in my eyes is a concept person.  Whether or not he was a flesh and blood person doesn't matter.  It was the example that was important.  "He who believeth in me shall have life everlasting"....all of us who believe in the concept and put it in practice will live a legacy that will live on for lifetimes.  And what is the concept?  Be kind.  Love your neighbor as matter what color they are, their age, how much money they have or have not, where or even if they go to church, who they hang out with, etc., etc.  "What you did for the least of these".  We're supposed to clothe, feed, minister to and visit all of them.  ALL OF THEM.  Again, no boundaries.  No if's.  No but's.  ALL OF THEM.  Finally  "Do unto others as you would have them do to you"  So if you want them to legistlate who and how you love then do it to them.  If you want to be treated differently because of your race, creed or gender then do it to your neighbor.  And when the time comes and it comes down to your life to save your neighbor's?  Will you give it a second-thought?  THAT'S THE JESUS GUY.  It's not a person, it's YOU.  Or you if you're doing it right. 

A good man (or woman)?  Don't take what's not yours.  Don't put others in danger.  Don't hit people.  Definitely don't kill them.  Things like lust and greed?  Those are just life wasters.  Covetting?  Same deal.  If you want sex, money, a house like the guy down the street?  Don't sit home in front of your TV being grumpy.  Figure out how to change your situation.  Lust is cheap.  Try love.  Heck then you get sex with emotional and psychological support.  You get someone to share the load and the journey with.  Gluttony?  Yeah cuz you're an asshole who's pigging out while the guy on the park bench hasn't eaten in a week.  You're just filling the empty spots in your heart, mind and soul with food.  How about buying another sandwich and finding a hungry someone to share it with.  They're also hungry for a friend. 

It's not about a building or the people that reside in it a few hours a week.  It's not about what they read from a book or songs that they sing.  It's not the hours wasted in study of "holy scriptures".  It's practicing the art of living in love.  And there is something around us.  It is real, and huge and loves us back and you can tap into it to find out why that Being put you here because that's the bonus card to this life.  The Divine hopes that we have a second to really open ourselves up and try to figure out what our personal gift is and what we're supposed to do with it. 

Religious people have spent way too many years building dogma and doctrine that scares people way from exploring the spirit realm.  Yes, there are bad things but if we were taught how to descern there is so much good power that needs to be tapped to heal this fucked up world.  Open your heart, your mind and your spirit.  Listen.  Look.  Learn. 

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