Saturday, January 23, 2010

Walking the talk - Ray Vivier

Homeless veteran laid to rest after saving lives

This is how it's supposed to go people.  Put yourself and your puney wants on the backburner to help "the least of these".  The people this man saved didn't care that he was a recovered alcoholic who lived in a shanty most of his life.  Actually, they didn't much care that he had honorably served his country.  What mattered was that this man didn't take a second thought for himself and saved their lives.

In turn, he didn't take time to think about what color the people he saved were or how much money they made or what religion they were.  He didn't even give a shit who they slept with.  The point was that some selfish asshole decided to set their home on fire and they needed to be saved.  Their lives were more important than the building or even his own life.  He only took enough time to note that his body and mind were able enough to help total strangers.

May we all be grateful to the people who he had affected in the past that came forward to make sure that he had an honorable and respectful internment. Sounds a little like some friends of that guy who set the original example for this kind a stuff a long time ago doesn't it?  Think about labels, no barriers, no terms or conditions...just unconditional love.

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