Thursday, January 14, 2010

Really Pat Robertson? Is your God that small?

Yeah, you keep striking fear into the hearts of people and crushing their self-esteem Mr. Robertson.  You're really doing the work of a divine and holy entity.

STOP!!  And people who are following this shit!!! Wake the fuck up!!!  A man preaching that The Fates have a bone to pick with the Haitians but wait a couple of hundred years and a whole lot of generations later to punish them?  Really?  Reeeeally Pat?  Really CBN followers?  Even the ancient Pagans felt that some acts of nature were indeed their Gods getting a bit cranky with them but it was for something they fucked up within the last year or two at the most.  Their deities didn't hold a grudge for a couple of centuries or even a decade. 

I think one of the things that is really disturbing me is that Pat Robertson is affecting educated Americans in the 21st Century.  We are not plebes under Roman rule who can't read and allow the salesman to decide how many sheckles he'll take from our hands for a purchase because we can't count.  We are not in the Middle Ages in Europe where the priest said "Pay me ten ducats and God will forgive you" and the illiterate peasants who didn't speak or read formal Latin so they had no clue what the Mass was saying, paid!  NO PEOPLE!!!  You live in post Revolutionary War America where Thomas Jefferson established a public education system to provide an educated electorate to support the new democratic republic he and his cronies in the Continental Congress had created.  If you don't know how to read and write it is only your own fault in the end.  The school was there.  It was free.  The teachers were in the school.  And more importantly than teaching you how to read, write and work with numbers....they taught you how to use you fucking BRAIN...THE SAME ONE THAT GOD GAVE YOU!! 

You want to talk SIN?  Ok, how about this.  You were born with about three pounds of functioning gray matter in your head.  Yes, there are some people that have not been equally blessed.  However, The Fates have provided them with different talents and abilities and fortunately one of them is not being blind followers of false prophets.  Yeah, yeah, there are parents of mentally and physically challenged kids who take them to church hoping they will be healed or so other crap.  But I find most of them grow up and decide to ask the Gods to show them their strengths in the conditions they are in and plug on.  But don't comment on this blog that there are fundie handicapped people...yeah, I know there are some but we're talking about you, who has enough mental and physical capacity to turn on a computer, get internet service, sign on and read this.  So how do you feel The Great Spirit, Divine and Benevolent feels about you blindly following a person who is claiming to speak the mind of this Sacred Being and not questioning the fact that when Mr. Robertson and his ilk get to the bottom line-God is this tiny little cartoon character who is screaming in a squeaky little voice at some six foot something human going "I'm gonna get you  You wait!"   Really?  Really? 

See in my book, GOD is HUGE.  It's the entire universe.  It surrounds us, it supports us and it fills us.  IT LOVES US!!!  Earthquakes, fire, hurricanes...natural occurances people.  War, terrorists, murderers, theives...people with selfish motives and personal agendas.  NOT GOD!!!

Please wake up.  See that these preachers, etc. are teaching a false doctrine.  It's not about separation.  It's not about isolationism.  It's not about a golden ticket.  It's about getting off your ass, getting over your fear and being a loving human being.  That is the greatest gift you can give back to God to say thanks for the life that The Divine gave you.  Want to serve "the purpose"?  Love each other and don't continue to feed this charleton's or any other's egos. 

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  1. I love it when you get really passionate :D